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    The G4700X is the most ground-breaking car kit yet. It allows users to utilize their Smartphones with or without Seidio's Extended Batteries (680 / 750), Skins (680 / 750) , and (Crystal/Rubberized/Hybrid for 650) (Crystal/Rubberized/Hybrid for 750) Cases. It provides a multitude of advantages for users.

    .Holds and Charges device
    .Compatible with Extended Battery, Skins, and Cases
    .Hands-free usage
    .Built-in amplified speakers
    .True Stereo Audio Out for use with headphones or car stereo system (with Optional FM Transmitter)
    .Equipped with External Microphone (10 ft long)
    .Easy setup
    .DC Out port can charge an extra Accessory (optional FM Transmitter or BT GPS Receiver)
    .Works with Bluetooth GPS Receivers for In Car Navigation
    .Trendy New Rubberized Coating

    click here for more product's information...

    contact person: Lena
    contact email:
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    Do you have any plans to also release a version that includes a built in GPS Receiver?

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    finally, looks nice. Just what I need
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    anyone buy one yet?
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    I'm waiting to see if they come out with a version w/built in GPS

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