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    Ok well I thought I had a buyer for my 700p but wound up not taking it. So I still have a MINT CONDITION Palm Treo 700p for VerizonWireless. I got the phone in december and only used it till the end of january. I went back to a regular flip phone to save money on my phone bill. So long story short the 700p is almost brand new. I have all the wires needed for the phone home charger and sync cable also the phone will come in the original box. I am also going to throw in a verizon plastic holster, a verizon leather case and a 3200 mAh extended battery with two doors the biggest battery you can get right now for the treo. I would like to get $275 for it. it is ready to be shipped it is just lookin for a home. Let me know thanks Chris

    This is a great deal for everything that I am throwing in hopefully someone is interested. I accept PAY PAL.
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    1st dibs. you got pm
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    Are you interested?
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    yes, i just pmed you my paypal address so you can send an invoice.

    did you get the pm?
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    sorry i am new to this forum what is PM??
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    private message, (upper right)

    anyhow, send me a paypal invoice to:

    also, can you snap a few quick photos and email it there too?

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    ok thanks. I have to leave for work right now so when I get home tonight i will send you everything you need. Thanks for gettin back to me so quick I will try to do the same for you. Thanks Chris
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    Hello i sent you an invoice and I sent you an email with a pic of everything i have. Let me know when you get it all. Thanks Chris
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    paypal sent. please ship ASAP. thanks

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