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    Hello I am selling a Treo 700p in MINT condition with some xtras. I am lookin to up grade to either a q or a 700wx. Have had the 700p since Xmas and have taken very good care of it. The xtras are a Seidio 3200mah extended battery with 2 doors, a 1gig SD card, a verizonwireless leather case, and a Seidio Plastic holster for 700 series. The phone also has soem apps on it. 1.Cellbrite a phonebook app, 2. Google maps which by the way is really cool.

    What i paid for everything was
    1.treo 700p $550 full retail
    2. Verizon case $19.99
    3. 1gig sd card $34.95
    4. extended battery $55.00
    5. Plastic Holster $27.95

    Total price i paid for everything is just under $700.00.
    I am lookin to get around $400.00 plus shipping. Everything I have for this phone like i said before is in MINT condition. You can contact me through email ( or let me know through this site. I accept PAY PAL. Thanks Chris
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    i am interested in battery maybe and battery cover that fits it if u want to break up the sale, thanks

    the battery cover is for the verizon treo 700p or the sprint one?
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    if you are inteerested 55.00 plus shipping let me know. It is for verizon 700p.
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    oh didnt know u were selling for retail price
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    found a buyer thanks for the posts

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