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    Anyone want to trade their big bulky Springport 56K Modem for a trim 56K Thincom (original) Modem?

    I'm hoping you picked the Xircom because it supported 56K out of the box. But now that Thincom has released their 56K update, maybe you don't want to cart around the extra weight and bulk.

    I need to use the Visor in Japan, and would prefer to stay with the Thincom, but their tech support have no idea when they will get it working internationally.

    (I applied the 56k update this week, and have been able to connect at V.90.)

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    Sorry, I don't have a HSV modem. However, I was intersted in what problems (specifically) you were having with the ThinModem. I also live in Japan, and am concerning purchasing the Thinmodem+.

    Is there anything I should be concerened about?

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