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    For Sale: Asking $120 (includes shipping). Sells new for $129 plus shipping.

    This car kit is ideal for avid Bluetooth users everywhere! With an integrated GPS receiver, there is no need to purchase any additional GPS receivers, making your transition into worry-free navigation a much smoother one. Plus, the exclusion of any additional wires and accessories will help make your life a little more organized. You'll be able to use your Treo device as the ultimate mobile communicationsand guidance system it was meant to be!

    The G2350 includes the following features:

    Built in GPS Receiver - The G2350 includes an integrated GPS receiver that uses the latest SIRF Star III chipset.

    Multifunction Cradle - The G2350S securely holds your Treo in place and comes equipped with the needed components to mount your Treo in one of two ways: an 8-inch windshield pedestal and an air vent pedestal. The kit also includes a 360-degree swivel base allowing for optimal viewing placement.

    DC Power Input - The G2350 includes a DC charger so your Treo has a continuous power source whenever it is docked. Optionally, you can purchase our hardwire cable that allows you to connect the cradle directly to your vehicle's electrical system, bypassing the need for the included DC charger.

    DC Power Output - The G2350 includes a DC output port that can be used for powering other devices without having to use an additional power adapter, with the use of an appropriate adapter cable. You can also power our FM Transmitter (available separately) directly from the cradle with the purchase of our optional DC power adapter cable.

    B/T Headset Capability - For added privacy and convenience, B/T headsets may be used while your Smartphone is in the cradle.

    This item is USED but in great condition (only 6 months old)... Received a Bluetooth GPS unit for Christmas, so no longer need this one.

    Included in the box is:

    - G2350M cradle
    - Cigarette lighter DC power cord
    - 8" super strong suction windshield pedestal
    - 360 degree swivel adapter
    - Locking plate

    No Software is Included
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    are you entertaining offers?
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    ya how about some pictures and let us know if u are considering offers?

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