I recently misplaced my hotsync cable and went to lookup the number for the Palm Cafe (kiosk) where I had purchased accessories in the past, but the evidence at the current time seems to indicate that they are closed. Assuming this is true, does anyone know when this happened. Where are the best places to buy accessories in Boston?

1) The Palm website only mentions 3 stores in Massachusetts.
(All at Logan International Airport in 3 different terminals)
2) I found a phone number for the kiosk at the Prudential Center website,
but when I called the number it was out of service.

Going to the airport is definitely less convenient. I'm not even sure whether the airport locations are in areas where non-ticketed passengers can go. Does anyone know? I guess there is still online purchases, but that's not always helpful the day or two after you loose a cable or when you need something urgently? What sort of accessories are now commonplace at Sprint (or other carrier's) stores and/or mall kiosks?

thanks in advance for any feeback, -- Bob