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    Selling Minstrel S modem which I have with service through YadaYada. My new job will have me working with a wireless iPAQ so I no longer need my Minstrel modem. Works great, I still have the original box. Will sell for $150 plus shipping.

    If interested, please email me at:
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    What I would like to know is how do you transfer the service contract? Or are you "at will" now.. I already have a Yada Yada & a minstrel, I'm just curious. I have the 1 year service / free modem deal.
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    I was planning on just cancelling my YadaYada service. You can sign up with YadaYada service only if you already have the Minstrel S.
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    As of tomorrow, if anyone is interested, I will be posting the Minstrel S on ebay.

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