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JFlashCard (English->Chinese) is a compact, easy to use vocabulary training program with 6000 words English->Chinese Collegiate Dictionary. It is more than a dictionary, it allows you to search or browse through the words, save the words to a study list and play the word as a flashcard.

* Trial version is limited to words starting with letter Q.

* A version for English->Japanese Collegiate Dictionary is also available.


# Ability to search for a word.

# Ability to add and remove words from customized study list.

# Ability to scroll through the words.

# Ability to choose word database by starting letter. Words are further divided into mini modules of 10 words. (You can skip to the next module at any time)

# Ability to specify whether the words are display in random order or alphabetical sequence.

# Ability to change the how fast the words and definitions are display.

# Ability to set the display format.

Installation Requirements:

* Your PalmOS device needs to support Simplified Chinese.

* See README.txt for installation instruction

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