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    Amazing what you find when you do some spring cleaning.

    For sale:

    * Palm IIIxe with...
    Serial Hotsync cradle
    Serial Hotsync cable
    Palm III-series modem
    Kodak PalmPix camera & CD

    I don't have any of the original packaging, documentation, etc. All software required is either on the unit(s) or downloadable.

    I have no idea of the current market value for this stuff, so please email me with an offer if you're interested.

    *** The HS Platinum & three modems have sold. Thanks! ***
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    I'm interested in the Thinmodem or the Handspring modem (though more the Thinmodem). How much do you want for either of them?
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    I'm interested in the Platinum, please respond via e-mail if possible.

    I can PayPal you the funds if you wish.
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