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    This item is a Visor Deluxe that i have customized. It's definitly one of a kind. The modifications i have done are: red color (to the case, springboard cover, and stylus), a green blinking LED that acts just like a TaleLight module would, and i have made it so it recharges its own nickel metal hydride batteries while its in the cradle (can YOUR VDx do that?).
    I have also added a lot of software worth over $80. Titles are: Silverscreen 1.8, autosync, backup buddy, TealGlance, Wordsmith, BibleReader with NASB and KJV, a spanish/english dictionary, Zap!2000, Mapoloplis, and AvantGo.
    The case has a small chip in the bottom the paint on one button is slightly worn on the edge. Nothing that would effect preformance.
    I will send it in the original box with all the manuals, software, USB cradle, slip leather case, and anything else in the box. Im selling it because I just got a HP548 from work. With all the modifications and software im asking $245 for it. E-mail me at if interested.
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    Why are you selling. Can you email a picture.
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    OK, this post is not generating much intrest. So im taking offers for the above item now. E mail me an offer.
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    This item is still for sale.

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