Advanced Brain Trainer - save 30% from

Advanced Brain Trainer stimulate all aspects of your mind in a fun and rewarding form of entertainment. Various and fast-paced mental activities train different aspects of your brain: memory, focus, reaction time, logic etc? Choose your coach who will analyze your results, motivate and guide you through your mind's enhancement.


* Exam
* Practice
* Arcade


* Speed count
* Drawing over
* Shopping list
* Four Aces
* Parking Check
* Memo square
* Shape counter
* Color Algebra
* Cool Cat

MobiSystems Money for Palm - save 30% from

MobiSystems® Money is a Palm OS personal finance assistant, designed to help you manage and maintain your daily money flow.

# Various account types support such as bank accounts, credit cards, cash funds, investments and liabilities.
# The wide range of transaction types, allows you to track your spending and prevents overspending and overdrafts.
# Recurring transactions support through Bills&Deposits, makes the management of your periodic payments and deposits particularly easy. You will never again miss to make monthly charges, using the alarm notification feature.
# Accounts reconciliation ensures the up-to-date state of your bank accounts.
# The built-in libraries and ability for user definitions of payment categories, currencies, payees and expenses classes, institutions make it a flexible and powerful tool for managing money flows. Create your own lists of frequently used entries and make the data input easier than ever.
# additional module for compatibility and synchronization with desktop personal finance applications as Microsoft Money, Excel and Quicken, saves data input time, prevents from errors, and makes the maintenance of your accounts and expenses easy on both your organizer and personal computer.
# The user-friendly intuitive interface helps you start using MobiSystems® Money almost from the first time you run it.
# Various currencies support and ability for user definitions of currencies and rates
# Memory cards support
# Budgets supported