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    If any one doesnt like there unlocked 680 i would be willing to buy it for around $300, PM me or respond to this thread

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    Could be wrong, but I believe this is the wrong thread for this...needs to get moved to the marketplace.
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    Letting the grammar nazi out, its "their" not "they're"
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    my fault, i just wanted to list it in here because marketplace only has 2 posts and so it seemed like no one would see it.
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    theres gotta be someone who doesnt want it
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    Nobody has had it much more than 1 month. $100 loss seems pretty steep for that little of time. Besides it is a great little smartphone
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    AMAZING phone, you're not getting mine.
    Palm Treo 680
    Unlocked GSM
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    i know i have the artic one but my friend wants one and doesnt want to pay $400, we have T-Mobile
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