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    This case was specifically designed and is only compatible with the Treo 680. At only 1.2mm thick, the Slim Rubberized Case is the slimmest we've ever produced. It offers great protection against scratches while adding very little bulk.

    The rubberized surface allows for a better grip on your phone. The smooth exterior provides easy insertion and removal from your pocket or purse. For the best carrying option you can also pair it with our famous case holster. The case material is durable but flexible making it difficult to break.

    There are cut-outs for the audio jack, data port, speaker, SD slot, keyboard and touch screen.

    This case has an innovative locking mechanism which provides protection and security for your device. Once closed, your Treo will remain safe and secure. And with small indentations around the clip areas, the case is easy to open.

    Click here for more information...
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    whats the black thing on the back right cut out for?
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    its cut out for external attennas like the wilson cell attenna sold at pilot. petro. flying j. loves. truck stops......that port should be where it goes. getting the right adapter may be easy but it isn't likely labeled for palm.... how about a rubber coated lexan case
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    this is all rubber right?
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    I really like the look and concept of this case, but I am paranoid about dropping my Treo and cracking the screen, so I've got to keep it in armor

    It would still be great, however, to see some cases that are compatible with the extended life/size battery...
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    Do you expect to have a clear, plastic case for the 680. I don't like the look of the current case at all.
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    See this thread on the crystal case.

    (Personally, I like the rubber look, don't like the crystal...)
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    This is exactly what I've been looking for.. Just like my 650 case, little thin strip of case above the keys, not over them. Sweet.
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    Looks great...just ordered.
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    I wonder if this case will be the same material as the one for the Blackberry Pearl. If so, it's not for me, since I carry my Treo in the pocket and this rubber picks up any and all lint/dust around.

    If anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it a lot.

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    quick question why is this better than the ebay ones ?

    it looks like it fits alot better
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    What about resetting or exchanging batteries or SIMS? This looks like a dreadful task.

    Here's a little equation:

    Palm OS Frankengarnet powered device which freezes only at
    the most inopportune times.
    + Resets only via battery & cover removal
    + Rubberized case making battery removal difficult
    Hippopotomus on iceskates!

    Looks like a very nice fit and quality design and materials. But knowing Treos as I do, I'll pass due to the above equation.
    Patrick Horne
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    Well crap. I was going to buy this case until I saw the last post about resetting. Does Reset Doctor catch all hangs and allow you to reset from the software side? Or are there still some instances when the battery MUST be removed? I would love this case, looks like it would add the rubberized feel of the Cingular 750, which I think is amazing.
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    but how often do you do that?
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    Well honestly, I am never really "happy" with my Treo setup, so I am constantly changing things, adding programs, taking some away. Needless to say, this causes somewhat of an unstable environment. I don't mind resetting from time to time, but in my case, it does need to be done. So, the real question resetting by way of battery removal going to be a 15 minute ordeal, or does it add just seconds to a previously quick task?
    Palm Treo 680
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    when someone gets one of these, let me know how it goes as I'm really thinking about snagging this ...
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    memory foam sleeve case. THAT would be nice. a thin foam sleeve case with a foam screen cover/keyboard cover that can flip over and velcro to the back or be completely removed when in use. like the memory foam they use for ear plugs. durable. anyone making cases like that?

    studies show treos get a more restful sleep mode with memory foam.
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    Your 2 hours two late, my Treo just took it's first tumble today. It's not a virgin anymore...
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    I feel yuuur pain. My new 680 just took it on a concrete driveway the other day. Now has the measles on the back side.

    Actually, it takes a little gymnastics with the hand to get it out of the belt case now that Palm removed that little handle on top.
    Patrick Horne
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    Does it come in rubberized orange?
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