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    I am selling my Treo 650 from Cingular. This is a brand new/refurb phone. My 650 crapped out on me and cingular sent me a new/refurb one. I have called cingular and they should be sending me a unlock code by friday.

    Treo 650
    earpiece it comes with
    Wall charger
    USB sync cable to CPU
    One unused Palm Anti-Glare screen protector still in package, i used the other one already

    I am asking $230 + shipping. I have a paypal account that the money can be sent to. If you live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area we could meet for payment/pickup.

    I bought a Blackjack, so i dont need the 650 anymore. I still might get a 750 but not sure yet.

    Please send me any questions. Thanks
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    At that price? You're kidding, right? ROTFLMAO. You slay me.

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