12 hours battery life. I'll even include the RHINO SKIN carry case which makes for nice use on the road.

This is a barely-used Jornada 820 in impeccable condition. Comes with all Microsoft Windows CE software, including Pocket Office and even Solitaire! Boots instantly; great for students to take notes or as a tiny portable PC.

Windows CE 3.0
190 MHz StrongARM RISC processor
56Kbps, v.90 internal fax/modem
Full-color 8.2" VGA display
Large, touch-typeable keyboard with intergrated touchpad
Built-in plug-and-play VGA-Out port
Jornada 820 Built In Software: Microsoft Windows CE, Handheld PC Professional Edition; Microsoft Pocket Word; Microsoft Pocket Excel; Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint; Microsoft Pocket Access; Microsoft Pocket Outlook (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Inbox)
Voice Recorder
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
HP Jornada viewer; HP Jornada dialup; HP Jornada hot keys; HP Jornada settings; HP Jornada show; HP Jornada backup
2.5 pounds. Comes with AC adapter. What more can I say? This is a steal!

Cost: $400 plus shipping, buyer pays for shipping