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    I am selling my Treo 700w (now using the Motorola Q) which was purchased in September 2006. This is for the complete bundle package listed below. The price is $300 which includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping with insurance (insured for the purchase price) and USPS tracking. PayPal payment is accepted.

    1) Treo 700w includes all original accessories, manuals and cd's in the original Verizon box. Treo 700w is in excellent condition, no damage and is in 100% working order.

    2) Extras include:
    * Seidio Extended 2400 mAh battery
    * Seidio Battery door with reset hole
    * Verizon car charger
    * PocketPCtechs Screen protector
    * PocketPCtechs Stylus with pen built in
    * PocketPCtechs headphones

    Please send me a PM with any questions.
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    I'll take it. Have sent you a PM,

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    I haven't heard from the seller, so I have bought a Treo from someone else on the site.

    If anyone wants this one, it is presumably still available
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    He's on vacation.
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    Sorry, the Treo 700w has already been sold and I just returned from vacation today and this was my first returning post.


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