I ordered a set of screen protectors with express shipping on the Clarvue website thinking that it would arrive within the 2-5 business days as stated on their site. Now I'm on business day 7 (although if they used USPS, I'm not sure why Saturday wouldn't count as well, but I'll leave it out of my count) and still no package.

I've emailed them demanding a tracking number which they sent, but when I looked it up on the USPS site, all it said was Clarivue "notified" the USPS that they would be sending out my package--no confirmation of shipping or location, etc.

I have now emailed them asking for a refund of my $5--we'll see how this goes. Yes it's a small amount, but it's the principle of the matter. What exactly did I pay $5 for if it still hasn't arrived yet? I could have easily purchased from another vendor by now, rather than still using the crappy protector that came with my Treo when I first got it.