S: Treo 750v, $625 obo
Unlocked, vodafone Treo 750v.
Used for 6 weeks
There are no scratches on this puppy and it works wonderfully
Original price was $789 or something ridiculous like that.
All accessories and that vodafone box are coming with it, but you need to supply your own SIM card, of course.

Screen is pristine and screen protector was on it from day #0.

There are zero flaws with this unit. Condition is a 9/10 conservatively. No dead pixels on the screen, no stuck keys or buttons, etc.

Reason selling: I am moving onto Sprint's sero plan as it is 50% the cost of Cingular's service. I'm still using the Treo, just that it's going to be the 700wx now.

USA only.

Please no low-ballers and I'm not really interested in trades.