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    This is an unbranded, unlocked PalmOne Treo 600 GSM. It should work on any US GSM carrier (Cingular, T-Mobile, etc.), but I can only verify that it works on T-Mobile. It includes the phone, 32MB MMC card, original stylus, USB HotSync cable, charger, and neoprene case. It has been factory reset so only the original software is present and the latest version of Palm Desktop can be downloaded for free from Palm.

    It has a new battery meeting the original factory specifications that I installed 6 months ago. It is missing the blank MMC card (not an issue with the included 32MB card). The case has some scratches (see pictures), but the screen is in excellent condition and the unit still feels solid. I am only replacing it because I needed to switch to Verizon for work and this model does not work with Verizon.

    The phone will ship from Boston. Contact me and we can talk shipping arrangements.

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    Try selling your 600 on eBay - I just unloaded mine for just over $100 (Sprint branded, 2+ years old, in good condition with some accessories).

    Good luck to you.

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