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    Moved on to different carrier for international travel. Selling my 700W for Verizon, and Motorola Q

    700W: Good Condition, but there are some scratches (4) on the silver metallic trim on the right side of the display and two chips on the silver paint on left side of phone. They are cosmetic, but are there nonetheless. Everything else works great. I have the original box, disk, cords, etc., plus the Seidio Extended 2400 MaH battery, the Seidio retractable headset (earbud style) and one extra regular battery. I also have the Seidio retracting USB sync and charging cable. Screen protector is on the 700

    Motorola Q: Very Good Condition. Box with all accessories and I have installed the latest update which really improved performance and battery life. Includes 1 GB minisd card. Has one mark on the corner.

    Id rather not mess around with Ebay (never sold anything there), but you can see my rating there: callinectes128. Ill take 200 (plus shipping) for the Treo 700 and 200 (plus shipping) for the Motorola Q. Ill email pictures to interested folks.
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    I am interested in the Q. Please PM me some pics.
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    i will get some pics to you this afternoon. also - i am annapolis, md if you want to do a hand off. One more thing i just remembered on the q is that i lost the wall charger but i have the usb cord/charger which is all i ever used. they are about 15 online (including shipping)

    ill send pics this afternoon.
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    sent ya a PM.
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    Pictures attached. Sorry about the delay but was sick. I have tried to capture as best i can the marks on the treo and the mark on the Q. Forgot to mention the treo comes with 2 wall charger units also.

    Both work great. I had just made the switch to the Q from the 700 and was really digging the bluetooth on it. It is hands down 10X better than the 700's bluetooth and it fits in your pocket. Of course it doesn't do alot of the stuff the 700 does, but i was really loving it. I also was about to order the black casing from CNN.CN and make it a black q.

    anyway...the price for each is pretty reasonable when compared with ebay, etc.
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    Black q housing from sketchy foreign supplier:

    gonna miss that phone (but not verizon)
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    I'll take the Q if you still got it
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    Q sold...Treo still available

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