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    I have a like new in box Verizon 700w. It comes with all the manuals and CDs in all their original packaging. The box is in great shape as well. I only used the phone for 4 months or so. The phone has always had a screen protector and it is currently has egrips applied on it to help you from dropping it and helps prevents scratches and dings.

    I have 3 cases for it. One is a black leather vertical case, another is a black leather horizontal case, and the last one is a smoked gray plastic case. They are all in very good shape/like new.

    It also comes with 3 cradles so you can sync with your home, work and your Aunt's computer. All work very well and are in excellent shape.

    I will also include an extra stylus and an extra battery.

    But thats not it! I will also include a new package of invisible shield. It is brand new! It has never been opened. It still has the price tag on it. (29.95)

    I am asking 375 plus actual shipping OBO.

    I will send pics if you want them!
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    I will also throw in a 512 SD card.
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    Someone make me an offer!
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    what is the brand name for your vertical treo case?
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    I'm looking to upgrade from my 650. How about 300 plus shipping?
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    Sorry, but the phone is spoken for.

    I bought the phone and accessories from mcumeda and they arrived earlier this week, already activated and up and running.

    Boy am I happy not to have to deal with the shortcomings of the Motorola Q anymore

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