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    This is a used Treo 600 which is unlocked GSM and will work with all GSM providers. phone has usual wear and tear but is 100% functional, screen was replaced about a year ago and has no dead pixels. I also of course include the cradle and charger with the phone and also

    # a 256mb card
    # rhinoskin hard case
    # form fit silicon clear case
    # for fit protective sport case
    # portable collapsable keyboard
    # 2 extra sets of the blue and silver keyboard and 5-way nav
    # extra verizon motherboard,battery, radio, and button board

    I am asking $125 for all of it with free shipping please email me at with questions if you have any.

    (not pictured)
    verizon spare parts, portable keyboard, and anything on the list thats not
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