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    Just upgraded to a 680. I am ready to sell an (originally Cingular), now unlocked 650. I have the original software, cables, (1) extra battery, (1) Vaja black leather and (1) Seidio belt clip case that I would throw in as well.

    Asking $250.00

    Interested parties can send me a private message or reply here.
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    Now asking $200.00
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    Pictures per request of a potential buyer
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    Now Asking $150.00
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    Ouch. Now I know what my 650 is worth.
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    they seem to be selling on craigslist and ebay for nothing under $220.00..

    the market place here on treocentral seems a bit slow.
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    i will take it if its 150 shipped... call first dibs
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    If above doesn't work out I will definitely send the money tomorrow for the phone...
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    I am not a CraigsList or Ebay person...Too busy working, but do spend some time in this forum. The drop to $150 produced two bidders so it will sell. However, if I were looking for a 650 and thought you were right about poor value, wouldnt I have gotten a bid at $200? I heard nothing and dropped to $150 and got real interest. So..seems like its probably worth something more than $150, but less than $ me. I am honoring the $150 bids in the order they came in for now. If both fall through, I could consider going with it on Ebay, but probably will not get the chance.
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    Sold today for $150 plus shipping

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