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    I have the following "bundle" for sale.

    Visor Prism (w/ orig. box, cdrom, cradle/charger, black snap on cover, slip-on case)
    Stowaway Keyboard
    Handspring Backup Module

    Also included will be an extra stylus (just like the one that comes with the Visor Prism) and a clear snap on cover.

    All items were purchased last december and are in excellent condition. Total value new is $590. I am willing to take 25% off for a total of $442.50 (includes shipping / US only - Outside US will cost extra). I'd prefer to sell everything at once but will only sell the keyboard and/or module separately if I sell the Prism first.

    Email to inquire/request scans/pictures of actual products.
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    The prism has been sold but I still have the backup module and stowaway keyboard that I want to sell. I'll take $100 for both (includes shipping if address is in the US). Separately I'll take $75 for the stowaway and $25 for the backup module.

    All items have been sold.
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