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    Hey guys. I just got this case but in the three weeks it took to deliver i got rid of my treo. It's brand new and hasn't been used at all. The front is dark blue and the back is steel grey. Come with the belt clip. I bought the case for a $141 including shipping. I'm looking for $130 shipped. Like i said, this is brand new. Plus you don't have to wait 3 weeks to get it. You can check on for the cost and the colors. The front is a bit darker then in the images I posted as well as the images posted on the vaja sight. E-mail me if you're interested at I wanted to post it here before i posted the case on ebay if now one is interested. if anyone wants to check my ebay name to see my rating it's m0nkeyman.

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    wow that is one sweet looking case!
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    Holy @#$%! $130 for a case?!
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    you can check out their site. i have an ipod case from them as well. it protects really well. There's been a number of times when i dropped my ipod and nothing happened. anyway.. if no one wants it by the end of the week i'll post it on ebay.

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