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    I have a gently used Sprint Palm Treo 650 for sale. I have had the 650 for about 9 months. My Sprint contract was up and I moved to Cingular due to my 16% discount with Cingular via my employment with GE.

    The phone has been in a silicone skin case since day one. The original vinyl/plastic protector that came on the touchscreen has never been removed. So the actual surface of the touch screen has never been touched. It's a virgin...

    The phone works great and I haven't had any problems/concerns with my companies VPN with Outlook or surfing the web.

    While I was preparing to package it up today, my 4 year old daughter stepped on and cracked the installation disk... I'm sure this is available at no charge via Sprint or via someone on this discussion forum. Or maybe you have a friend or family member that may already have the install disk.

    I will sell to the highest bidder on Thursday December 14, plus $15 shipping. Or it's yours today for $150 plus $15 shipping. Payment will be accepted via Pay Pal.

    Because I'm not a techie, I don't know how to publish pictures here. So send me your e-mail and I'll shoot you some picture via Yahoo.
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    Pics to myscreenname@hotmail please.
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