VITO SoundExplorer for Pocket PC - save 30%

VITO SoundExplorer 1.8

VITO SoundExplorer for Pocket PC: Discount 30% off! Only


VITO SoundExplorer is an MP3 player and audio recorder for Pocket PC that offers the most comprehensive and modern set of

tools for professional and hobby use.
VITO SoundExplorer turns your PDA into a universal multimedia digital dictaphone and MP3 player providing comfortable use and

reliable mechanisms for interviewing, lecture recording and listening to music.

VITO SoundExplorer is 3 programs in one. It is an MP3 player, audio recorder and file explorer designed specially for browsing

music content.

VITO SoundExplorer:

*Supports Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
*Supports high-resolution displays
*Supports landscape mode
*Converts WAV to MP3
*Records CD-quality MP3: 44 100 Hz
*Features Today plugin
*Is all you need for music playing and sound recording

*Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV (including GSM and ADPCM), OGG, WMA.
VITO SoundExplorer can play almost any audio on your Pocket PC. You can copy any music to your PDA and be sure that

VITO SoundExplorer will play it smoothly and with supreme quality of sound.
*Compatible with Winamp playlists: lets you arrange your files as you wish.
Just upload your music and M3U playlist to your Pocket PC, and put on the headphones!
*Bookmarks: Create bookmarks for important places within the file to get quick access to them later. Play the bookmarks in the

desired order with the Routing feature.
*Equalizer: 3-band parametric equalizer allows to adjust playback. Boost the basses!
*4 different playback modes make it convenient to switch between tracks.
Sound Effects: 3 Dynamic Processing Filters (Booster, Noise, Limiter) and Play Speed Control. Voice Pitch Lock function keeps

the original tone of the voice - highly recommended when learning a foreign language or making lecture notes!
*Battery Saving Mode: screen turns off automatically to save energy. Music should never stop!

*Record MP3: Save tons of memory space keeping all your records in the most popular audio format. MP3 compression enables

reducing the size of your files up to 10 times without audible loss of quality!
*Record also: MP3, WAV (including GSM and ADPCM). Various bitrates meet all possible needs for sound recording.
Highest recording quality available! *Record CD quality MP3s with bitrate of 96 kbps, 44 100 Hz - equals to 192 kbps, 44 100 Hz

for stereo!
*One-button recording: Do three tasks with just one button! First press launches SoundExplorer; second press starts recording;

third press stops recording.
*VAS: Turn on Voice Activated System (VAS) to enable automatic start up of recording when someone speaks into the

*Power save mode: Don't let your battery drain with our power saving modes. You can record up to 4 hours of lectures,

rehearsals and voice memos without charging your battery.
*Scheduling: schedule when to start and stop recording, and VITO SoundExplorer will launch your Pocket PC, record as long as

you wish and stop without even blinking the screen.

File Explorer
*Integrated file manager for quick access to your files
*ID3 tag editor for MP3 files
*SD/MMC and CF cards support
*Automatic subfolders for each date and customizable default file name will keep your recordings organized.
*WAV > MP3 converting: convert all your recordings to MP3 format and save lots of memory space.
*Editing tools: record into existing file and append recording to the end of selected file. Available both for WAV and MP3 files!


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CarboCounter for Palm OS - save 30%

CarboCounter for Palm OS 7.0

CarboCounter for Palm OS: Discount 30% off! Only 10.46$!

CarboCounter keeps your low carb diet on track! At a a glance, the Today page shows how many carbs, protein, and fat grams

you''ve consumed each day... and tracks calories and exercise too! Whether you''re basing your plan on Atkins, Sugar Busters,

or other variations of the low-carb high-protein diet, CarboCounter will help you achieve your goals!

This great all in one tool uses data derived from the official USDA nutrition database, is customizable to match your goals, and is

both fast and friendly!

CarboCounter provides the support and information you need, all in the palm of your hand. The Goal Wizard helps you set a daily

budget for each nutrient, weight-loss goals, and exercise level goals. Daily Meal and Exercise logging help you stay on track

with your program. The handy Today page gives you instant information on your daily activities, so that you can stay on target.

The Weight Log and Chart provides positive reinforcement on progress towards your goal.

Exercise logging uses data from the CCC to determine calories spent on over 50 diverse exercise activities, including aerobics,

weight training, dancing, tennis, and many more. Exercise calories are calculated based on your profile (for example, a 200

pound man will burn more calories playing tennis than a 110 pound woman).

CarboCounter gives you the proven tools you need to achieve your goals!

Important note: You should always check with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.

This application requires Palm OS 3.1 or higher. It supports both color and gray-scale devices.


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Smart Database Viewer (Access, Excel, Oracle) - save 30%

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.5

Smart Database Viewer (Access, Excel, Oracle): Discount 30% off!

Only 10.46$!

Smart Database Viewer has features which helps you to become mobile with your database. You can view the records of your

database tables in grid of rows and columns or one at time. And, The most important improvement in Smart Database Viewer is:

Now you can apply queries on database to filter PDB contents. You can write SQL Select query to create pdb having contents of

two or more tables based on relationships.
Supported formats: MS Access, Oracle, FoxPro, dBase, MS Excel, MySQL and Any ODBC Compliant Database.
Apply SQL Select queries on database to purify records by adding filter.
View database tables: all at a time or record at a time.
Delete database on Smartphone.
Easy browsing: By considering the smart phone structure, we provide very easy navigation facility.
All operations can also be performed via numpad keys on smart phone.


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