PenReader 2005 Professional - save 30%

PenReader 2005 Professional 6.0

PenReader 2005 Professional: Discount 30% off! Only 20.96$!

PenReader 2005 Professional is a multilingual Windows Mobile/Pocket PC handwriting recognition software (handwriting recognizer). PenReader doesn't require training or adjustment for a
particular handwriting - it's
ready to work right after installation! PenReader is compatible with any application and pastes recognized text into the cursor position.

PenReader is designed for online handwriting recognition, it works with any application running on Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 2005 based device. PenReader recognizes text you write on your device's screen with stylus, and pastes it to current cursor position.

PenReader 2005 Professional features:

PenReader Pocket PC handwriting recognition software recognizes letters, numbers, standard symbols and several macros that fully duplicate main keyboard functions (shift, backspace etc);

supports 15 languages: English,German,Spanish,French,Czech,Russian,Italian,Greek,Ukrainian,Belarusian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Turkish and Polish;

Penreader has built-in Calculator, which enables you to make simple calculations very easy and quickly;

Besides graphic analysis,
orthographic method based on a specially created vocabulary is used. Combination of these two methods dramatically increases the quality of handwriting recognition;

Adjustment of PenReader handwriting recognition system to your own handwriting is supported. To improve quality of recognition of your handwriting, choose a convenient way of writing various symbols in "Form Selector" Panel;

In case of unclear writing PenReader offers different variants of the entered symbol. PenReader remembers the chosen variant thus being arranged to your handwriting;

readiness to work without training;

adjustable options: line width and color, recognition and drag&drop delay, sound, etc;

improved recognition quality.


Language Extender - full national language support for PPC;

InterKey - national language support for PPC onscreen keyboard;

SlovoEd dictionary for Pocket PC - 100 translation dictionaries;

CETuner for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition - useful utility for Pocket PC\Windows Mobile. - Palm, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC(Symbian), Smartphones, RIM and Windows Mobile software at New submissions daily!

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Multiplayer Championship Poker - Texas Hold'em (Palm OS) - save 30%

Multiplayer Championship Poker - Texas Hold'em (Palm OS) 4.06

Multiplayer Championship Poker - Texas Hold'em (Palm OS): Discount 30% off! Only 13.96$!

Multiplayer Championship Poker features stunning Hi-Res/VGA graphics, a powerful Texas Hold'em AI, multiplayer games (with built-in chat) over the Internet, career mode, and much more.

Real Dice brings you another multiplayer breakthrough: the world's first, cross-platform mobile Poker experience. Palm OS vs. Windows Mobile vs. Smartphones vs. Windows 2000/XP.

Multiplayer Championship Poker Features:

Incredible Hi-Resolution/VGA graphics, with low-res support

Online multiplayer with built-in chat interface

200 Unique AI opponents with strong, individual gameplay

Multi-table tournaments and ring games

Career Mode

Game Customization

A Higher Quality Texas Hold'em

Multiplayer Championship Poker is a different class of Texas Hold'em game. The graphics are beautiful and crisp, the tables seat 10 players comfortably, and the interface is easy to use.

A Real Online Community

Multiplayer Championship Poker has the largest active online community of any PDA game in the world! That means you are almost always guaranteed to find someone online to challenge, anytime, any day. At peak times, you can find many full tables with users on different devices, from around the world.
Creating an online account is simple and free. You can do it directly from your device. Once your online, pick a table, join the action, and chat with your buddies directly through the game.
This is the future of mobile gaming.

A Powerful Single Player Experience

Build multiple characters in career mode and play to improve your bankroll. Enter ring games and massive multi-table tournaments against up to 200 unique AI opponents. Track your gameplay statistics and customize the game.

Winner, Pocket PC & Smartphone Magazine Best Poker Game of 2005.

Custom blinds, game speed, and more.

Play up to 3 simultaneous profiles.

Build up your bankroll.

One Word: "Free"

We give you more for your money.

Free Windows 2000/XP version with amazing graphics. Connects and plays against PDA/mobile versions.

Free Strategy Guide with tips for all levels.

Win PRIZES in online competitions.

The Real Dice Difference

Real Dice takes care of its customers:

Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Regular free updates.

24 hour Customer Support response time.

Other fun Real Dice games:

Multiplayer Championship Backgammon
SuDoku Master - Palm, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC(Symbian), Smartphones, RIM and Windows Mobile software at New submissions daily!

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EZ Photo (Smartphone) - save 30%

EZ Photo (Smartphone) 1.11

CryptoNow For SmartPhone: Discount 30% off! Only 10.46$!

EZ Photo is an interesting and useful image composition software. With EZ Photo, you can add various frames, free-style (such as Santa), lovable animal design, and greeting words (ex: XMAS, I LOVE YOU). In addition, you can adjust the existing photo quality such as brightness, contrast, vividness, ...and so on.

For example, you can use your Smartphone to take your personal cool picture. With combination function on EZ Photo, you can add flower plus I LOVE YOU on it and send it to you girl/boy friend via the MMS function of you your smartphone. How romantic it is!

In the past, you might send greeting card to your friends by post or by e-mail, and most of the cards that you received are almost alike?But from now, you can send your custom-made greeting card to your friends by Smartphone.

The main features of the EZ Photo:

1.It supports the most popular image formats, such as BMP, JPEG and GIF.
2.It supports 24-bit true color images.
3.Support image processing function. You can adjust image quality such as brightness, contrast, vividness, ...and so on.
4.You can add frames to your photo, such as border, Superman, Santa, ...and so on.
5.You can add lovely animals to your photo such as lion, tiger, penguin, ...and so on.
6.You can add words to your photo, such as XMAS, I LOVE YOU, ...and so on.
7.You can save your custom-made photo (or greeting card) to either bitmap file or JPEG file.
8.You can send greeting card to your friend through the MMS function (Note : The MMS may be a third party program or the built-in function of your smartphone).
9.All of the objects (frame, picture, word...) in this software are extendable. This means that you could plug in these objects to enrich your greeting card.

Changes Description:
Fixed the problem of Image & Effect functions. In version 1.01, if you press the action key while some of the Image or Effect functions are processing, this will cause the EZ Photo freeze. - Palm, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC(Symbian), Smartphones, RIM and Windows Mobile software at New submissions daily!

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