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    I have been plagued with bad luck at eBay! and other auction places, and was wondering if someone would be willing to sell me a

    Minijam with 64 mb of memory


    An Eyemodule 2

    I will be willing to pay about $175 for either item, so just send me a PM!

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    I have an eyemodule 2 and a minijam for sale if you are interested.
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    you had me going there for a bit.... When you replied to this thread - did you pay attention to when the guy posted the original? 2001!!! You dug up a 2 year old thread and replied to it, and I replied as well like a fool...
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    lol I didnt even notice the date on that. yeah my visor is startin to get a bit old so I am sellin it off and all the modules I have for it. So I just did a search on here without paying attention to the dates and this is what I got. Anyway thanks for the heads up.

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    Yeh, I was suprised he would pay $175!
    My Treo has more memory than I do.

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