Okay, I've offered this for sale here before and got a buyer but he kept saying give me another week & still hasn't come up with anything close to what he said he'd pay so I'm putting it up for sale again. I wanted to give the people here a chance before I put it up on E-Bay or something (I really don't want to go through the hassle.

What I'm selling:
  • New Palm V & cradle that I won, I opened the box and I tried it out a little but I already own a Deluxe & a Prism.
  • Palm V Slim Leather Case from Palm
  • Pack of 10 WriteRights (When I was trying it out I used these, put a new one on for when they guy was going to buy it...so I've used two out of the 12)
  • Registered version of JackFlash 2.0 which gives almost an extra mb of memory.
  • Palm OS 3.5, I've upgraded it from version 3.1 which it ships with.

I'm really trying to get rid of this so I'm offering it for $180 + whatever it costs to ship, thats the same price as the basic Visor. The Palm V has ALL the documentation & everything else that came with it plus the accessories I listed, the above accessories are worth at least over $50. Palm Vs are selling for between $150-$200 without any accessories on E-bay but I'd like to avoid the hassles of selling at an online auction.

I would prefer PayPal payment, if you don't already have an account then you can knock $10 off the $180 because they'll give both you & me a $5 bonus for new membership.