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    I've got an almost new 700p (Sprint network) that includes a Pods Plus black leather case (Sena looking case) and a screen protector, all paperwork/software/chargers/etc., and the original box. Not a scratch on it anywhere and only has about 45 minutes of talk time on it. Picked it up in late July, then ended up just not liking it. First $380 shipped gets it! (if paypal, add the 2.9%)

    EDIT: Just realized this is my first post here (lurked ALOT before the purchase) I have 100% positive feedback on e-bay (mike600) and you can have my phone number (or I can call you) so we can discuss if that makes it more warm and fuzzy.
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    I've answered a couple of PM's if no one is interested, this is going to E-Bay

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