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    I have a 700WX (Sprint) for sale. I purchased it about 30 days ago. It is in "new" condition. I have everything that came with the phone (Box, manuals, home charger, battery, stylus, headphones, etc. I'm also including two 1GB SD cards and a car charger. If you need pictures or have any questions, please send me an email.
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    when are you going to auction it on ebay?
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    I'm going to post the phone by Wednesday the latest. Just wanted to check first with you all before posting it on ebay. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'm asking $380 for it.
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    Is this the same wx that "died" on you a month or so ago?
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    Nope. This is a different phone. I had 2 700WX phones. As soon as I post the item on Ebay, I'll put the link here. The ESN is clear and free with Sprint and it was purchased a little over a month ago.
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    i sent you an email couple a days ago. i'm interested in buying the phone
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    nydog: I haven't received your email. Could you resend it again? My email address is: Thanks. I was going to take pictures of the phone today but left the USB cable at work. As soon as I get everything together, I'll take the pictures including the car charger and the two 1GB cards.
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    just sent you a PM

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