I'm selling my Power Mac G4. Sad to see it go, really, as I had put a bunch of upgrades into it and had hoped to keep a Classic-capable machine around. Finances rule, though. Here are the specs.

  • Dual 867 MHz G4 processors
  • 1.25 GB RAM (2x 512 MB (Crucial), 1x 256 MB (stock)
  • 140 GB hard drive space (80 GB + 60 GB)
  • Radeon 9600 Pro 64 MB with two DVI-ports
  • Combo drive
  • new Apple PSU and fan (makes it a bit quieter than stock)

The Radeon 9600 Pro supports CoreImage and has two DVI ports for dual displays (no ADC). Comes with original black Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse. I've also got a set of Apple Pro Speakers and an iSub to go with it. They sound great -- I've used them as my main audio system for years. Computer alone goes for $600. Speakers and iSub add another $100.

I've also got a 17" LCD Apple Studio Display with ADC. One dead pixel off center (don't really notice it unless the screen is black). No scratches! $250.

All items come in their original boxes and packaging. Shipping to be determined based on location of buyer. Otherwise, I live in Berkeley, so if you're in the Bay Area feel free to pick them up. Hit me up with questions or offers.