For sale is a 6 month old Unbranded Unlocked Treo 650 running Treo650-1.20-ENA software. Excellent working condition. The screen has been protected with screen protector from day one. There is a small chip on the directional pad on the bottom and on the face next to the led. Best-Skins-Ever skin applied.

Included are the following accessories:
- OEM battery
- 1 GB SD card
- PalmOne Cradle Kit with usb hotsync cable and charger
- Extra wall charger with various wall adapters (can be used with cradle)
- New horizontal belt case with magnetic clip (from Cingular 8125)
- Krussell Handit leather flip lid case
- Seidio Skinned Shield Holster
- Black rubberized skin
- White translucent rubberized skin
- Zoom USB Bluetooth adapter
- Extra stylus

$350 for everything. I will not be separating. Paypal or local Chicago cash only please. PM or email with questions.