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    i have this for sale. used for 1 month, as new.

    anyone need?

    best offer takes it

    shoot me a pm
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    you pay me and shipping to take it
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalvor View Post
    you pay me and shipping to take it
    wat the hell is your post supposed to mean?
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    Would you take $25 shipped for it?
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    i was offered $30 from g-funkster
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    $32 shipped? lol

    Sprint Centro
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbkm85 View Post
    $32 shipped? lol
    i already sold it to g-funkster.

    thanks guys
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    ***UPDATE*** 1-16-2007

    I got one more in today.

    Selling for $32 shipped. anyone need?
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    is this another used one?
    is it also 2400 mah
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    is this another used one?
    yes. lightly used for a month or so. it was my brothers.
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    if u cant sell for 32 PM me, maybe we can work something out

    dont feel that comfortable spending that much on a used battery....not sure how much it was used in that time period or if left plugged in overnight,,,,,
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    bumped. i got another one in today.

    anyone need?

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    why are you selling them? what's wrong with them?
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    100% working, absolutely nothing wrong. i have a few, jus getting rid of them.
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    i'll take one. do you have a cover for them? do u take pp?
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    not sure if u are talking about the battery cover but i believe these are the same size as the manufactored original ones, the bigger ones are the 3300 ones, which need an extended battery cover
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    no the 2400 needs a new battery cover for the 680
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    my 2400 fits 650s' and 700's (stock size)

    no battery cover...
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    look again. I said 680. Not 650.

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