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    I hate to do this, but we're moving to Sprint. My last bill from T-Mobile came in and the overages just are killing us. Fair and Flexible is the way to go. So, my wife and I are moving to Sprint and need some new phones. We both have 650s now and want to move to one 650 and one 700p on Sprint. (Btw, the unlocked 650s will be for sale here after we move). Email me or pm any offers

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    i have an excellent condition 700P for sale. $385 (you pay shipping)
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    Still looking
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    I am selling my 700 p with a black vaja case and best skins ever in great condition e mail me if interested 400 dollars.
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    Waiting on some pictures of a 700p, still looking for a 650
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    I have a 650 for sale...check my thread right below this one. Ill get pictures up tonight.
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    I have a 700p 2 months old with a bestskinsever invisible shield and a boxwave screen protector since day one...comes with all accessories like new, plus a 2gb card, extra oem battery, palmskin, clear case,car charger oem and extra oem are pictures. Will sell for $425 with free shipping and insurance

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