I came across this £30 voucher from buy.com for uk when you buy anything more than £60
With this voucher, you can get stowaway keyboard for £43, modem SB for £80, Palm IIIxe for £112 etc.
(make it up to £65 and they will give free delivery). However, this is only for first time buyer.

1)Please use this link to open a new account(so that I can earn a small commission for telling you this):

2)then click on the voucher on the link below and it will be added into your basket

3) choose what you want to buy
Link for stowaway keyboard for Visor(£72.90-£30=£42.90): http://www.gb.buy.com/stores/product...&sku=210019830

Link for Xircom MODEM SPRINGBOARD (£109.49-£30=£79.49)

Palm IIIxe = £112 (with voucher)

and other accessories