Hi, I also have a Nokia E61. Used for around 2 weeks and has been sitting there. Great phone and screen, but I cannot for the life of me adjust from Treo 650 to Nokia E61. I haven't used it since, but I would keep it if it was a little cheaper. I just can't justtify leaving it there and not using it.

Basically brand new. There are no scratches, no damages whatsoever. Comes with original box, accessories, original sd card with extra apps, even the oem screen protector is still on, never peeled off.

I bought it for $445, I will let it go for anything over $350. please email me at alexc88@gmail.com <-- alexc88 at gmail dot com. I also have the original receipt if u want it.

I have posted around here, (even about my new e61) so please feel safe.

Might put it on ebay after a while. Hopefully I will add some pics or just email me for some pics.