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    Not sure how, but first the rubber cover disappeared, then a few days later I found that the small screw (or plug, I didn't check to see which it actually was) with the red and white cover was gone and my antenna was loose.

    I've spoken with Palm service, they will not sell parts to customers. They will service it, but it's out of warantee and even though they claim 7-10 days turnaround, my experience (with a Treo 600) was that it takes 1.2 months. I use the phone and calender, address book, etc daily in my business.

    I checked on eBay, but people there appear to be selling defective phones at inflated prices, not just parts.

    So, does anyone know if it's possible to order parts from Palm or one of their authorized service centers?

    If not, does anyone have the parts I'm looking for, and is willing to sell them?

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    what about moving one screw from the other part of housing to that antena hole
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    i have it.... shoot me a PM or email

    (email for faster response)

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