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    This is the original eyemodule. It comes with all the original stuff. It is in great condition and has no problems. I am selling it because I was given a new camera and dont need this one any more. The little sticker on the back is scrached a little but thats it. The price is $150 or the best offer.
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    Dude, are you joking? Why would someone pay the same price for a used module as a new one? Just think about it, I'm surprised you posted this. I have an EM already, and if I were to sell it, I would probably ask $80 or so, considering there are rebates and discounts that will lower the $ to $99 for a new factory direct module. Just wanted to you to think about this...
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    Why did you post this in accessories? It clearly states no Springboards.

    Then you also posted it in Springboards, doesn't belong there because this is a for sale item.

    Then you posted it in Buy/Sell/Exchange. I doubt anyone will buy this thing for more than $60.
    Matt Nichols
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    Really, Peachdude, the private email flames aren't neccessary. This is a public forum, where public opinions are expressed publicly. "Make an offer or shut the hell up." is no way to handle a bit of criticism. Does anyone else think I was too harsh? The quote above was all the comment I received from Peachdude, and I would like some feedback if I was too harsh. Somehow I don't think so. What about you, Matt, you get flamed too?
    Once in a while you get shown
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    E-mail flaming

    Bad form, peachdude
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    Eyemodule 1... get it from Staples for $70.00 brand new.

    Buy the module for $150, use a $30 off coupon from then get the $50 rebate and you are down to $70 for a new module.


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