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“Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC is pleased to announce it is the worldwide distributor for the AeroPalm Aviation GPS, A new Aviation GPS and Flight Planning Solution.

Richland Center, WI, 07/05/2006. Midwest Sport Aviation LLC, located in Richland Center, WI is introducing to the aviation community a new GPS solution for both the Sport Pilot and the general aviation market.

We have been working with the developers of a Palm based solution in order to bring to market a new flight planning and moving map solution that runs on PalmOs devices. The AeroPalm Aviation GPS is available either as a complete Aviation GPS or may be installed on Tungstentm , Palmtm , and Treotm PDA’s as well as the Garmin iQue 3600, 3200, and 3000 and most other PalmOs Devices. The solution also works on the newly released Treotm 700p. For those already owning a device, packages are available that include the GPS and mounting hardware for most Palm based PDA’s.

Bo van Ulsen, a commercial pilot from Northern Saskatchewan Canada has this to say about AeroPalm. “I fly Piper Navajo’s, Beech King Air's, and a Mitsubishi MU-2 all over the North American continent, from the Arctic ocean to Texas, low level and highlevel airspace. I have been flying with a Palm Pilot for years to help me with flight planning and weight and balance calculations. For the last 4 months I have been using your program on my Palm Tx and a bluetooth GPS. It is a joy to use all the different maps and switch back and forth between the maps by the touch of a button! I really enjoy the wealth of information available just by touching the screen with my stylus. I just received version 2 and there was even more info about waypoints, intersections, facilities, airways and air-spaces and now we have vertical navigation! Not a day passes that I do not use AeroPalm.”

The AeroPalm Aviation GPS is available in turnkey configurations that are tested and ready to use. All our devices will also serve as a Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s). The AeroPalm Aviation GPS is available in multiple configurations depending on the customer’s wishes; this includes the Tungstentm E2, the new Palmtm tx. All complete solutions include the mounting hardware and GPS, as well as accessory power for the GPS. Features of the AeroPalm Aviation GPS include flight planning, fuel planning, weight and balance, flight plan form for calling the FAA, E6B calculations, moving map with airports, airspace including special use and MOA’s, obstacles, and nav aids. Also included is a proximity page, HSI, altitude, ground speed, vertical speed and an attitude approximater, as well as an emergency “GO-TO” function to direct you to the nearest airport in the event of an emergency. For those that already have a Palm PDA, the software is available for $149 USD. The complete AeroPalm Aviation GPS starts at less than $535.00 USD. Details on the AeroPalm Aviation GPS are available at http://www.AeroPDA.com.

Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC was founded to market products and solutions around the needs of the new light sport aircraft market, including but not limited to Light Sport Aircraft. More information about Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC may be found at our website http://www.MWSportAviation.com or you may call (608) 467 0233. Inquiries about the AeroPalm Aviation GPS should be directed to www.AeroPDA.com or you may call Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC.