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    I am selling an unlocked GSM Treo I purchased on eBay about a year ago, but used only for about a total of a month back then, and about three weeks in the last month, as a backup for a phone my company bought me.

    The phone is in perfect working condition and includes the original packaging (marked as Cingular, though the phone itself is not) with all accessories unopened and unused (I used the ones from the other phone). This includes a battery that was never used. The camera is sharper than the one on the 650 my company bought me.

    I'm also including a Seido back cover (with the hole for easy access to the reset button).

    The screen is in perfect condition and has always been covered with a protector; however, the surround has two cracks and a missing chip along the left-hand side of the screen. There are cosmetic scratches on the back of the case and on the original back cover (which I'll also include).

    (Item is now sold)
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    CCould you either post or send me some pictures of the phone, especially the areas around the scratches
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    Sent you a PM, i'll take it!
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    Thanks, everyone, for the interest. The phone has been sold.

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