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    Lightly used Blue Visor Deluxe with original box, software, USB cradle and plastic cover. 2 cases - original black slipper case and Handspring slim Leather case. Also includes Backup module and blue deluxe stylus. All in great shape with original packaging. $200. plus shipping.

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    Has this been sold? Are there any scratches on the screen? I'm very interested.

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    bacalao45...... this is still available.

    Except for the first week of owning it I have always had a Write Right on it. There a couple of very , very small marks in the graffiti area. You would have to look closely at a sharp angle to even see them. And with a Write Right on it you can't even see them. I will also include a new Write Right. I have babied this Vdx and it is in great shape.

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