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    For Sale: Unlocked GSM Treo 650, plus accessories

    The Treo has been sold. Thanks for all who responded.

    The Treo started life as a Cingular branded model, but is now unlocked, and has the latest Palm Unbranded ROM. It was purchased on this board about four months ago, and runs perfectly. Included with the phone are:

    - standard battery and a Seido 2200 mAh extended capacity battery
    - original box
    - AC charger
    - USB sync cable
    - original Cingular software CD
    - Palm brand form-fit case with belt clip
    - leather clip case (brand unknown)

    There are a number of small cosmetic defects on this phone: two scrapes on the gray plastic on the front left side, a few small dots on the silver trim around the screen, a small scratch on the back battery cover and a small scratch near the center of the screen. None of these defects affect the function of this phone. The screen blemish is not noticeable when the phone is on, especially since I've had a screen cover on since I received it. However, the price of this phone has been lowered to reflect the external cosmetic condition.

    Price: $185 plus $10 shipping in the CONUS. PayPal only for payment, (credit card is okay.) Preference will be given to domestic buyers.

    Thanks for looking! Photos will be posted later this week.

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    first dibs, you got pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    first dibs, you got pm
    PM sent back. Thanks for the interest. I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow.

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    let me know if it falls thru (send me a PM) as I am interested also.
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    Treo, accessories, box and CD:

    Location of imperfections: scratches on plastic, (#1 and #2,) pinpoint spots on silver trim (#3) and small scratch on screen (#4):

    Trim81 has first dibs on this, but if that deal falls through, I'll post back here.


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    Tmann, send me a paypal invoice to

    i will take it, thanks
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    Too Late!
    I already bought it.
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    Tmann, send me a paypal invoice to

    i will take it, thanks
    Hi Trim,

    A PayPal invoice has been sent to the above address. Thanks!

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    The Treo has been sold.


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