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    NOW $50/VIDEO!

    My company's beta-testing a new feature where people upload videos of themselves reviewing their favorite technology and entertainment products. When we go live next week, we expect that the videos will be watched by millions of people.

    I really need your help in creating the first round of cool videos for our launch next week.

    Here's the basic idea: Use your webcam, digital camera, or camcorder to record yourself as you talk about your favorite laptop, mp3 player, dvd, book, headphones, LCD monitor, digital camera, gps, Treo, cell phone, etc. Talk about why you bought the product, the special features, what you like, how you use it, etc. Videos must be 2-3 minutes long, informative, of viewable quality, and not offensive.

    For each usable video you submit, my company will mail you a check for $50 to thank you for your effort. Really. Each person can do up to 2 videos and make $100. Most people who have done this for us already knew their products pretty well and cranked out 3 really nice videos in less than 30 minutes total.

    The only two big catches are that you have to be 18+ years old and that the videos have to be emailed to my coworker by Monday.

    If you're interested, please email my coworker at for the full details, all the legal stuff, and confirming participation.

    Please feel free to pass this along to friends (but not have the world know about it just yet). My company lawyer won't let me post our company name

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    I'm monna need at least $45 / vid for my expenses, overhead, and stage presence....
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    Better up that from $45 to $90, don't forget about prepping the product etc. Can't have a scratched up iPod missing a chunk from it's rear end now can you...

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    high class reviewers!
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    I'll review any product you want for $45.

    All you have to do is send me a complimentary item that I get to test and keep.
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    Alright, I upped the pay to $50 per video. Each person's allowed to do 2 videos.

    This is a piece of cake. For example, you can film yourself talking about your treo and your latest DVD. That's an instant $100.

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    I was able to specially extend our video review deadline to Thursday 7pm. If you're interested in reviewing stuff, please email my coworker at to confirm.

    The easiest way I've found to do this so far is to use your digital camera to film reviews. Good video, good sound. If you have to record your 2-3 minute clip in multiple segments because of camera limitations, my coworker should be able to easily stitch it together for you.

    $50 a video! Thanks!
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