Hello All

Im about to sell my 650 with all the accesories I have acquired over the last 12 months, such as:

Treo 650 - All Packaging and Booklets
Wired GPS Unit - Also Charges 650 from 12v Auto (no software, I used TomTom but sold that seperately)
Palm IR External Keyboard
2 or 3 SD Cards (I believe I have 2x256 and 1x512, the 512 is an 'Ultra')
Cases - One is a flip case that is the best case I have EVER used.
Other stuff I cant remember.

Im looking for $360 and I will include insured shipping. I do take PayPal.

If it doesnt sell by weekend. I will stick it on eBay and you can try your luck there.

Send response to: magohn AT gmail.com (replace AT with @)

Thanks, Magohn

P.S. 650 has MINOR scuffs, always cased and screen protected.