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    Greetings. I've decided that my music listening habits are a bit too aggressive for my treo's battery when trying to stream music for HOURS to my headset. So, I've opted for a wired pair of headphones. I really like the sound quality of these and have enjoyed them. I'm sure someone here will love them too.

    If someone has either a nice bluetooth GPS or a OEM Palm Cradle and Battery for my 650, I'd consider those instead of the cash. Or, if you have another idea... let me know!

    I'm under ebay as ben_datlon, and have heatware under bendalton (

    Please contact me with ANY questions via email... bendalton AT gmail or via aim... benndalton

    Thanks for looking!

    Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    Price: $70 Shipped
    USPS Priority Mail

    These will come with all original packaging and accessories. They are in NEW condition. You can use them w/ any of the new cell phones that support the A2DP bluetooth profile.. this includes the palm-based treo's with a third party software called Softick Audio Gateway.

    I will include the headphones and ALL original packaging, my purchase receipt from PowerMax for $97.65, AND, as a bonus, my registration for Softick Audio Gateway. With this software and a treo, you can listen to music/movies wirelessly. (I will contact Softick support in order to transfer ownership of my software)

    Manufacturer's Information

    Bringing hi-fi stereo music to your mobile phone
    With the Jabra BT620s, you can get immersed in hi-fi stereo music straight from your mobile phone. Switch instantly between enjoying your music and talking on the phone. The music pauses/stops automatically when a call comes in* – so you can choose to answer the call, or just keep on grooving. So turn up the volume and get lost in music – without losing touch.

    Use with your PC, music player or other Bluetooth device
    One of the great things about the Jabra BT620s is that it can be used with various Bluetooth devices** You can connect your Jabra BT620s with 2 devices, enabling music playing and phone connectivity at the same time. This means you never have to miss a call unless you want to, and you don’t have to change your headset when you want to listen to music on another device.

    Unplugged stereo sound
    The Jabra BT620s is one of the first wireless stereo headsets on the market, so you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication and mobile music without being tied up in wires. With two precision speakers, you’ll be guaranteed the crystal clear sound reproduction you need to really get the most out of your favorite music. Offering up to 16 hours talk time or up to 14 hours wireless music streaming, so you can move with your music more easily than ever.

    Lost in music – still in touch. Release your Jabra.
    Supported special features:

    * Music player controls on right speaker (play, pause, stop, prev./next track, FFWD, RWD)
    * Phone controls on left speaker (answer/end/reject*/hold*/wait*/mute call, last number redial*, voice dialing*)
    * Volume control on left speaker
    * Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology
    * Multi-coloured LED for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging
    * Complete with AC power supply and mini USB jack for charging from PC
    * Headset can play music from the PC via USB cable while charging
    * Pairs and connects to up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously*
    * Bluetooth 1.2 supporting A2DP (for music playing) and AVRCP profiles (for remote control), and headset and hands-free profiles
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    I really wish these were something I could hear before purchasing them. I bought the Moto BT850s and didn''t think they were that great. I liked them and all, but I paid $135 for them and they didn't deliver that kind of value to me.
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    I definitely uderstand that frustration. I originally had the moto's but decided to return them after a few weeks.

    At first I had some problems with the sound quality, but later figured out how to make it better (lower volume in ptunes and disabling all the options in SAG prefs.) After that, I enjoyed them sans two complaints. 1) the moto's make you look like princess leigha and 2) they pinched the top of my ears and became extremely uncomfortable for repeated, heavy use. That is why I returned them.

    I find the jabras very comfortable and they sound as good as wired headphones. I'm switching back due to battery issues... when on the go, streaming music over gprs through ptunes and back out via bt.... it's just excessive and I can't charge that frequently.
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