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    Okay here's the deal i have sorta a package deal here

    you get a Cingular treo 650 motherboard and the issue with the board is that i broke the brown clip piece that clips down the keyboard ribbon. easy fix with epoxy or hotglue or superglue. else the motherboard is in tip top shape.

    You get a recently purchased screen, its approximately 2 weeks old.

    you get the OEM battery, Oem Antenna, Sim card that has some paint on it where i attempted painting my case unsuccessfully. but i got the paint off where its visible.

    any of the case pieces you want.. im not including them in the price, but they are yours to have if you want. but they have paint on them and are probably unrepairable.

    130 shipped takes it. Email me at ncspecv81 at gmail dot com

    i have ebay feedback under echoryan81. thanks.
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    bump for a top seller. !!

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