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    Hey gang. I bought a Geode for use while flying airplanes using the software "FlyingPilot". I didn't realize that the Goede does not yet emulate a serial GPS, so FlyingPilot will not recognize it (yet). Anyway, I know they are coming out with a fix, but I'd like the capability now, so I'm selling my Geode in favor for the less expensive Magellan GPS. The Geode is in flawless condition with the CD. First $235 gets it (shipping included). Thanks.

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    Seems kind of high. Does that thing do road maps and stuff?
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    I'm guessing you haven't heard of the Geode? You can check it out at to see all the features it has. Yes it comes with maps preloaded on the module, and you can download specific maps by area code, lat/lon, etc. from the website. They sell brand new for just under $300 ($289 + shipping), so believe me, $235 shipped is not high.

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    Do you have a buyer yet?
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    The Geode has been sold, but I was awaiting the check in the mail before posting on it. I will let you know if it is otherwise. Thanks!


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