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    My Mom is looking to buy a Visor from a place which will provide customer support. I got mine at CDW, but want to know about other people's positive experiences purchasing a Visor. My Mom needs the option of help from a professional - not just her daughter. How's the web site? Will she end up with a new Visor or a refurbished Visor?
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    BestBuy for service or warranty.
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    I bought mine at Staples--of course, I love any excuse to go to Staples...
    unfortunately, (or actually fortunately) I haven't had any issues that would cause me to test out their customer support. (knock wood)

    I have in the past had excellent experience with Circuit City's return/exchange policy, but it was not with PDA.
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    Try for coupons at etailers like, etc.

    I used a "$40 off + free shipping" coupon once for my 8mb flash and once for my Visor. Many stores will even let you bring in the code to the store if it isn't for sale online.
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    I bought mine at Staples. You can't use the online coupons when paying initially, but you can order it online at the store and apply the online coupon, whereupon it will print a page describing your purchase and the coupons... take that (and your Visor) and pay at the register! Online shopping + instant gratification of having the product!

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